Sunday, February 26, 2017
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Code of Conduct

OxValue Advisers’ professional conduct adheres to the following ethical values principles that we apply in dealing with clients, counterparts and applicable laws.

1.Confidentiality. We endeavour to manage clients affairs with prudent care and due confidentiality. OxValue Advisers shall not disclose any client information without the specific consent of the client unless duly required by law. 

2.Competence. Our foundations as management consultants rely on our expertise gained throughout the delivery of professional advice and the continued update of our skills and technical knowledge. OxValue only accept assignments for which we do possess the required competence to serve our clients effectively.

3.Diligence. We conduct our practice with the highest degree of attention and effort to accomplish what is undertaken. OxValue Advisers make every reasonable effort to fulfill the letter and spirit of our promises and commitments.

4.Client alignment. The client’s needs and priorities are placed first in the provision of our professional services. We align our advice to make it suitable to the demands and expectations of the client.

5.Quality. We endeavour to perform our engagements by adhering to the best professional standards and exceeding value for money.

6.Passion. We love and believe in what we do, and hence, our enthusiasm translates into the passion needed to deliver superior performance for the benefit of the client.  

7.Honesty. OxValue Advisers put honesty at the forefront of their professional relationships. We handle our undertakings with straightforward candidness, good faith and scrupulous integrity.

8.Loyalty. We maintain the loyalty to our clients by safeguarding our ability to make independent professional judgments and avoiding undue influences and conflict of interest.

9.Fairness. Our firm strives to be fair and just in all its engagements, with an open mind before the client and willing to admit we might be wrong and, where appropriate, change our positions and beliefs.

10.Respect. OxValue Advisers respect the rights of our clients and competitors. We do not use their proprietary methodologies or information without permission. The firm adheres to the Golden Rule, striving to treat others the way we would like to be treated.