Sunday, February 26, 2017
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We assist Board of Directors and Executive Management in the configuration of the company's competitive capabilities.

Operational restructuring. Our services focus on the assessment of the firm's organizational structure, product offer, market position and business strategies. Based on our diagnostic review and recommendations, we undertake a hands-on implementation approach directed towards enhancing value creation and optimizing existing resources.

Design and implementation of value creation management systems and procedures. We analyse the economic and financial relationships between the group's business units, their valuation and reporting at subsidiary and parent company levels. Following the assessment, we assist the institution in defining splits and transfer pricing models, aimed to enhance efficiency in the group's costs and capital allocation models.

Strategic business planning and management controls.  We embed with executive management, finance, marketing and planning departments in the definition of business strategies, investment plans and the design of management controls and key performance indicators.

Product development. We team with the institution's marketing and finance departments and assist them in the design and development of innovative financial products, from initial concept to their full introduction into the market.

Regulatory framework analysis. We offer continued monitoring of the regulatory environment and assess its cualitative and cuantitative significance in the company's business model.

Governance and good business practices, are basic pillars that support the sustainability of financial companies. Our firm offers tailor-made solutions in the definition and implementation of corporate governance and good practice policies.

Partners search. Our global network of contacts and accumulated experience in the financial industry, enable us to assist banks and other financial intermediaries in their search for strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions, privatisations and equity placements. Our services cover amongst others, valuation of bank assets, due diligence, data room arrangements and negotiations with counterparts.

In executing our assignments, we only deploy senior advisers with at least 15 years of professional experience in their fields. To help reduce the costs of our services, we offer remote virtual distance advisory services by making extensive use of modern communication technologies.

If your Company needs professional advice in any one of our core specializations, please do not hesitate to contacting us.

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