Sunday, February 26, 2017
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We assist Board of Directors and Executive Management in the configuration of the company's competitive capabilities and business ventures.

Transaction Advice. We provide advisory services to complex transactions involving the company's corporate finance activities. In mergers, acquisitions or sale transactions, we advice from the origination stage to the financial closing, focusing on valuation, due diligence, data rooms, business planning, assessment of financial instruments and negotiations with counterparts.

Finance raising.
Our extensive network of contacts with international financial intermediaries, -multilateral institutions, banks, hedge funds, venture capital and private equity firms- gives us direct access to financing sources that generally SMEs and entrepreneurs find difficult to identify or access.

Operational restructuring.
Our services focus on the assessment of the company's organizational structure, product offer, market position and business strategies. Based on our diagnostic review and recommendations, we undertake a hands-on implementation approach directed towards enhancing shareholder's value creation and optimizing existing resources.

Strategic business planning and management controls.
  We integrate with the board of directors and senior management, in the definition of business strategies, investment plans and the design of management controls and key performance indicators.

Our wide experience combined with the network of contacts and local associates that our company has constructed over the years, allow us to be the advisers of reference when the company is looking to expand abroad which requires a precise knowledge of local regulations and business environments. Taking our experts on board will shorten development time and contribute to make an efficient use of your financial resources.

International tenders.  We offer more than 20 years of international tendering experience. Our capabilities span from financial budgeting to the arrangement of tender consortia, identification of local and international partners and consultants. Our tendering services add value to your bids and help improve your company's chances to becoming the awardee.

In discharging our assignments, we only deploy senior advisers with at least 15 years of professional experience in their fields. To help reduce the costs of our services, we offer virtual distance advisory services by making extensive use of modern communication technologies.

If your Company seeks professional advice in any one of our core specializations, please do not hesitate to contacting us.

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